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New Pour-over :)

Taylor found this pot at Chapters yesterday – I had to go pick it up!

It reminded me of one of my favourite Bugs Bunny cartoons :)

instant-human instant-martians
Just have to be careful when pouring – the glass is very thin and very hot!

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My 10 Step Pour-over Routine


Well, after having made a dozen coffees over the past few days (only 3 using the new Brewista scale), I’m starting to get into a 10 Step routine – which is a good thing for good, consistent coffee.

Thermos Travel MugBefore getting started, I placed my empty thermos mug on my scale, then tare (zero’d) it.  I added water to the fill mark of the mug, and determined that my 16oz thermos mug holds 470 grams of water.  (BTW, this is an awesome thermos – I’ve made coffee and forgotten the thermos at home – and returned home 7-8 hours later to a mug of coffee that is still hot! Additionally, you can fill it up, close the lid, and turn the mug upside down without a single drop leaking out! It also fits perfectly into the cup holders of my Jeep.)

Step 1
Fill up the kettle – about 2 inches from the top.  Put on induction stove, Boost mode.

Step 2
Get out scale, place small cup on it, and tare the scale.  Measure out 28 grams of beans.

Step 3
Pour beans into grinder (set to 15), and start grinder. This takes about 10 seconds, and then empty doser back into the cup. (more…)

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Pour-over coffee gear

Hario V60 Drip Decanter

Have been buying fresh roasted beans from Rogue Wave Coffee for the past few weeks, and just before Christmas, I tried a cup of coffee prepared using their pour-over technique – very tasty!

So, being the both feet kinda guy that I am, a few days later I’m on, ordering some stuff:

A couple days later I have the goods, and I’m weighing out beans, (more…)

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Winter Pizza

The pizza oven has been sitting dormant since end of September.  We’ve only had one really good snowfall so far this winter, and it’s been incredibly mild so far.

Tracey was feeling exhausted with the frequency of having people over since I completed construction of the oven, but I figured we were past due for some wood-fired oven pizza, so this past weekend I fired it up just for us :)   Used 4 good sized pieces of split birch to start things off, and added just a couple more pieces of birch and along with a couple small branches of seasoned applewood, and in less than an hour, the oven floor was approaching 700*F.  The first couple pizzas were finished cooking in under 2 minutes!


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Denison Barbs in the Aquarium

I’ve seen these fish a few times, and really like their colour, schooling behaviour, and overall activity. Tried making a deal at Big Al’s a couple weeks ago, but they wouldn’t sell them to me. Yesterday they had a sale, 25% off all fish, so I went in to see if they had any left, and I was in luck.

They look awesome in the tank, and it seems the other fish have altered their behaviour a little – the school of Black Tetra’s are out in the open more, swimming along with the Denison barbs, even though they’re 1/3 their size. We have a school of Siamese Algae Eaters that tend to be a little shy until feeding time, but they are out a lot more, swimming along with their new tank mates.

The new fish may grow as large as 6″, currently, they’re around 2.5″ to 3″.

There are a number of names they go by, Indian Flasher Barbs, Roseline Sharks, or Denison’s Barb. The scientific name is Sahyadria denisonii.

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