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a new fridge!

A few months back, our fridge packed it in – fortunately we had a second fridge and figured that we could get by just using the one fridge. Well, after a few weeks, we decided that one fridge was not enough.

So the research began, and after some shopping around, we decided that we would up the budget a bit and had a new Samsung fridge delivered.  Was able to get a next day delivery, so that evening, I ran a new water line into the kitchen to supply the fridge water & ice dispenser.

All was good until I realized that the fridge was not going to fit through the front door (or any other door) of our older house.

Front view of Samsung fridgeSo the fridge was delivered to the garage – and the next day, after removing all the doors and door fronts from the fridge, and the screen & main doors from the house, the fridge was in the house! Great! Until another Homer moment…. the entrance into the kitchen was too narrow as well!

So, out comes the reciprocating saw, so quick work of the entrance and the fridge was finally in place.  It fit perfectly into space where the old one was – but this new one has way more space – almost 26 cu.ft. in a 30″ opening.

A little more work than anticipated, but  well worth it!  Love the space and functionality that the new fridge gives us.

Staun Tyre Deflators

Staun Tyre DeflatorsPicked up a set of these Staun Tyre Deflators  –  and looking forward to getting them all set up, and using them for the first time!.  They feel pretty heavy duty – and seem pretty straightforward to set up.  Here are the instructions from the package – more or less ;^)

1. deflate a spare tire to your preferred deflation pressure.

2. with lock ring and adjusting cap wound down, screw your Staun Tyre Deflator onto the valve stem making sure it’s clean and threads are in good condition.

3. Loosen cap (anticlockwise) until deflator pops open, then immediately tighten cap to the position where air stops exhausting.

4. Turn lock ring up to adjusting cap and tighten.

Now that the deflator is set to the preferred deflation pressure, adjustments can be made if necessary at the rate of 3 psi per half turn of the adjusting cap.

If the tire pressure, and the deflator setting is within 8 psi of one another, a manual start of the deflator may be needed. Just pull the center pin up to start things up. Keep the deflators clean and dry, and do not interchange components (I wonder why?).

After tires have been deflated, remove the deflators. Don’t wheel with them on!

More winter wheeling!

The Jeep is packed, the rear tow hook on – all set for the morning. We’re off to a spot an hour or so west of the city, near the town of Darwell. I have the video camera ready, as well as the digital camera. Hopefully can get the wife and kids moving early enough!

[UPDATE]  Well, what a blast again!
And Tracey and the kids enjoyed themselves as well! Got a few cheers from them as we made our way up a few hills, and also a few screams, as the back end slid to the side on the way up one hill in particular.  They weren’t too comfortable with the angle we were sitting at :^)

Had to get tugged out in a couple spots – but we also got to do some tugging to help others as well – which made it all the more fun!  At the end of the day there were a few scratches – looks like they’re limited to the mirrors and the hard top though – so all is good!  Can’t wait to get out again!

Goofing around


Here are a couple wallpapers – one I found and modified a little, the other I modified more ;^)

Also, here’s a little custom icon that I put together. I use it in Google Earth to mark off-roading destinations! 🙂