Grill mod

The trademark 7 slot grill of a Jeep is all fine, but the open slots expose the radiator to all sorts of hazards both on and of the road.  Rocks, tree branches, small animals, who knows!
Many people zip tie nylon mesh or eavestrough mesh to the back of the grill.  Seems like a fair bit of work, and not that strong or rugged.
I think this is a better method – it’s much stronger, and it can be removed if necessary. It’s simpler I think, and uses no drilling, gluing, etc. It’s starts with a sheet of the perforated or expanded metal. Make a few cutouts, make four bends, and it’s ready to slide in between the radiator and snug up against the back of the grill slots.  One thing to be careful with is to ensure you choose a perforated mesh with enough hole density to ensure adequate airflow so that the radiator can do its job.
I was able to pick up piece of perforated stainless steel for about $30 – a few bends and a few cuts later, it was all done, and looks good 5 years later.  I added a cutout lined with door edge guard to allow my winch power cables to feed back to my battery.
Used a metal break to do the bends, used tin snips and a grinder to cut out the tabs.


Here’s a rough pattern that I used to make mine – use it as a guide – perhaps make your own template starting wit a piece of cardboard, and add the necessary bends and cutouts so that you can make an even better grill insert than mine!