New project in the backyard

bricksPicked up a number of fire bricks, and some insulation brick, in preparation for building a pizza/bread oven in the yard.
Not sure 100% exactly what style I’m going to build – brick or cob/earth oven – but I came across this deal that was difficult to pass up.
With what I have here, I should be able to have a cooking surface almost 36″ in diameter. If I decide to go the brick oven route, I can get more of the fire brick – shouldn’t need any more of the insulation bricks.
Found an article on building a clay wood-fired oven – the approach used for the base may not be as permanent, but I like the simplicity. The materials are largely from a building supply – so pretty easy to get hold of, at a price.
Here’s my list of stuff I’ll need to buy:

  • done – 30 fire bricks ($36)
  • done – 30 insulating bricks ($30)
  • 20 cinder blocks (abt. $60)
  • 5kg pail of cement (abt. $17)
  • 6 bags of jointers sand (abt. $66)
  • 175kg clay
  • wheelbarrow

UPDATE : 2015-07-21
No cinder blocks used – just built up the base with urban rubble, sand, and some concrete.
Materials used so far:

  • 10 bags of play sand (40 lbs. each) – used this in the base, filling in space between the rubble.
  • 12 bags of jointers sand (80 lbs. each) – half was used for the dome form!
  • 3 bags fire clay (50 lbs. each) – ran out while doing insulating layer – so getting a couple more bags.
  • 2 bags cement – used this on the top of base, then layered jointers sand, insulating bricks, and kiln bricks

Here’s the list of other tools/equipment I’ll be using:

  • tape measure
  • large tarp
  • old kitchen knife
  • 5 gallon pail(s)
  • newspaper