Home Automation

I’ve been tinkering a little with the raspberry pi platform over the last few months, and recently purchased a new raspberry pi 2, and a razberry daughterboard.
After playing around with the original zwave.me software to control a couple switches, and then a few other open sources apps, I was finding it a little frustrating how far these types applications had not come.

Then my manager at work sent me a link to Homeseer, who has had their HS3 software on sale over the past couple weeks for 50% off.  He’s been very happy with his Homeseer automation hardware and software, so I figured at 50% off, why not give it a try.
Finally, some software that is fairly simple to add new devices, and works very well for automating lights, and I even have it turning my espresso machine off and on now!
I hope to add some garage door sensors, and some additional light switches to my setup over the next few months, and then perhaps look at adding sensors to automatically turn room lights on and off – the kids are notorious for leaving lights on! 🙂