New Pour-over :)

Taylor found this pot at Chapters yesterday РI had to go pick it up!
It reminded me of one of my favourite Bugs Bunny cartoons ūüôā

instant-human instant-martians
Just have to be careful when pouring – the glass is very thin and very hot!

My 10 Step Pour-over Routine

Well, after having made a dozen coffees over the past few days (only 3 using the new Brewista scale), I’m starting to get into a 10 Step¬†routine – which is a good thing for good, consistent coffee.
Thermos Travel MugBefore getting started, I placed my empty thermos mug on my scale, then tare (zero’d) it. ¬†I added water to the fill mark of the mug, and determined that my [amazon text=16oz thermos mug&asin=B002PY7AYS]¬†holds 470 grams of water. ¬†(BTW, this is an awesome thermos – I’ve made coffee and forgotten the thermos at home – and returned home 7-8 hours later to a mug of coffee that is still hot! Additionally, you can fill it up, close the lid, and turn the mug upside down without a single drop leaking out! It also fits perfectly into the cup holders of my Jeep.)
Step 1
Fill up the kettle Рabout 2 inches from the top.  Put on induction stove, Boost mode.
Step 2
Get out scale, place small cup on it, and tare the scale.  Measure out 28 grams of beans.
Step 3
Pour beans into grinder (set to 15), and start grinder. This takes about 10 seconds, and then empty doser back into the cup. Read More

Pour-over coffee gear

Hario V60 Drip Decanter
Have been buying fresh roasted beans from Rogue Wave Coffee for the past few weeks, and just before Christmas, I tried a cup of coffee prepared using their pour-over technique Рvery tasty!
So, being the both feet kinda guy that I am, a few days later I’m on, ordering some stuff:

  • a [amazon text=Hario V60 Drip decanter&asin=B00755F9Z4],
  • a [amazon text=Hario pour-over kettle&asin=B000IGOXLS] and
  • a [amazon text=package of filters&asin=B001O0R46I]

A couple days later I have the goods, and I’m weighing out beans, Read More

Some coffee tips

  1. Favorite Beans
    Here in Edmonton, I’ve found that Rogue Wave Coffee offers¬†the freshest roasted coffee – you just need to let them know in advance when you want to pick up your beans. ¬†The result is coffee that has been roasted in the past 2-3 days. Coffee this fresh should be allowed to rest a little longer to ‘de-gas’ – otherwise you may find your coffee to have a somewhat metallic taste. The package their beans in paper coffee bags to facilitate the degassing.
    The next¬†freshest beans I’ve found are also roasted locally, by Transcend. ¬†I go to their main shop is on the southside, a block south of Argyll Road, just east of 99 Street.¬† They also have a location next to the Garneau Theatre on 109 Street ‚Äď parking can be tricky there sometimes.
    I prefer medium roasted beans - they'll be the color of milk chocolate, and won't be shiny (or oily)
    I prefer medium roasted beans – they’ll be the color of milk chocolate, and won’t be shiny (or oily)

    At 3 Banana‚Äôs in Churchill Square, you can get Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso ‚Äď bought a bag the other day for $22 for a 454g bag. ¬†These may not be quite as fresh roasted as the other two unless you catch them on the right day.
  2. Favourite Brewing Methods
    When brewing coffee, I either use my¬†espresso machine, an Aeropress, or more recently, a Hario manual pour-over. ¬†Using the espresso machine is pretty awesome –¬†I can have an Americano in less than a minute. A latte I can make in about 90 seconds :)Lately I’ve been really enjoying the manual pour-over. ¬†It takes a little more time – about 5 minutes tops for a mug. ¬†When I’m camping, I pack¬†Aeropress to make coffee.¬† These are sold at Transcend (and other places around the city I‚Äôm sure).¬† These make very good coffee! ¬†I just have to grind my coffee a little coarser than what I use in my espresso machine.
  3. Grind beans yourself
    Don’t buy pre-ground coffee. ¬†Buy beans and grind them yourself. ¬†Use a quality burr grinder, manual or electric.¬†¬†Check out the coffeegeek and home-barista forums for recommendations, and buy the best you can afford.

Here is¬†my current coffee set-up¬†– yes, it¬†might be¬†bit excessive, but it’s been an investment that has been serving me well – even after almost 8¬†years!

Espresso machine maintenance

Andreja Premium schematic with non-standard control box.
Andreja Premium schematic with non-standard control box.

While I plan out what I’m going to do regarding the intermittent control box behaviour in my espresso machine, I decided that it would be helpful to update the electrical schematic for it – especially since its using a non-standard control box.
The control box is actually one that is normally used in the Isomac Tea – a very similar machine to the Andreja Premium.
I figured that I should do some other maintenance on the machine – having received a few grouphead gaskets from Espresso Planet, I figured I would replace¬†that first. ¬†Last time it was replaced was a couple years ago, and it was a bear to remove, so I’m going to try and replace it ¬†a little more frequently.
This was also a good time to clean the shower screen Рwhich was quite plugged up.  Replacing the grouphead gasket more frequently will allow me to clean this more frequently as well.