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Anything related to my JK or Cherokee Trailhawk

Updating UConnect software

There was an update for the UConnect software for our 2016 Cherokee Trailhawk, so I downloaded the update to a thumb drive as instructed on the UCconnect site.
What exactly was updated I’m not too sure – it’s too bad they don’t include release notes, so that owners can verify that features behave as expected, and also to learn what new functionality the system has.
Anyway, I also discovered that the instructions on the UConnect site weren’t very accurate.
Tip #1.  Download the update to your desktop, then extract the enclosed files to the thumb drive.  Not within a folder, and there were 2 files for this latest updated.
Tip #2.  The instructions on the UConnect site state to put the vehicle into Run mode, but without the engine running.  This is done be keeping your foot off the brake pedal, and pressing the start button twice.  Problem with this is that the update takes quite a while – and the vehicle shuts off – which messes up the install.  I ended up calling the 1-800 number provided in the UConnect installation guide, and was advised by a support manager to actually start the vehicle, and then proceed with the update.  Sucks to have to idle the vehicle for the 20 or 30 minutes it takes to do the update, but at least it works!
Tip #3.  Lastly, there was a spot where the screen goes blank for quite a while – 5 minutes or so.  I thought something failed, since the vehicle had shut off as well.  When putting the vehicle back to RUN, the screen remained blank, and unresponsive for just over 5 minutes – which prompted me to call support.  A couple minutes into the call, the screen came back to life, and the installation started over.
Kudo’s to UConnect Support, I was surprised to get through right away on a Saturday – no holding – just had to press a couple buttons after the automated answer and listening to the voice menu.

A new Jeep!

Well, it has been a while since I’ve done some wheeling, and since we bought my wife’s Mitsubishi RVR, I think I’ve been jealous of the technology in the newest vehicles.
When we were initially looking at different vehicles for her, we had stopped in at one dealership to look at the Fiat 500x.  The dealership also had Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk in the showroom that we were looking over.  A number of months later, I returned to that dealership to have another look, and a few days later, we now have one in our driveway 🙂 .

Murphy strikes the Jeep – again!

Northstar Ultra High Performance AGM batteryWell, I’m just about to pull the trigger and buy a new bumper for the Jeep, and this past Friday I go out into the torrential downpour only to find the Jeep is dead. Completely dead. No dash lights, no odometer, nothing.
Over the weekend, I pulled the battery (a Northstar ultra high performance one that I purchased a year or so ago from Battery World – read -“not cheap!”) and hooked it up to a charger, and after a few hours, the charger displayed “bad”.  Tested with a multimeter and something discharged the battery down to nothing – but no idea what.
Hopefully can get the battery replaced and all will be good in the world again!  If that doesn’t fix it – then I’m afraid my bumper budget will get swallowed up in troubleshooting and fixing an electrical problem!
Things are looking promising I think – Battery World has the battery now and are testing it, and recharging it.  In the meantime, they gave me an Optima Red Top to throw in the Jeep and see how things go.  With the Optima, the Jeep fired up – which is encouraging.  I ran the Jeep a little while – checked the voltage while running – which came out to 13.8 volts – which I think is in the right neighbourhood.  Tried this morning, and the Jeep fired up again as well.  Fingers crossed – hopefully Battery World calls back soon!

Improving the factory sound

jk sound barI read about this trick a while last summer or fall, and just now finally got around to trying it out.
Materials required:  a cheap fibre fill pillow (i bought one from Walmart – cost $4.97.
Tools required:  a small torx driver, sorry I don’t recall which #
Removed the 3 screws from each speaker in the top sound bar just behind the front seats, and let the speakers hang by the wires.  I then ripped open the pillow, and pulled out chunks of fibre fill, and stuffed it into the holes – not too loose, but not too packed either.  Mounted the speakers and grills bak in place.  Did the same with the rear sub woofer.
Amazing the improvement in sound without spending a small fortune in new electronics!
I didn’t do the front lower dash speakers – but I think I’ll take a look another day and see if the fill would be contained – otherwise, I might just see about some foam cones to mount in behind them.