Our Pizza Oven

Our pizza oven has become a centrepiece in our backyard, and a focal point of activity when we have friends and family over.

It all began very innocently – the seed planted by a gift from my mom 🙂

The Roof is Done

Well, surprisingly, it was a lot more difficult to find the corrugated steel that I had initially planned on using as a roof material.

I ended up going to a local building supply recycling shop called Home-Reuse and came across some metal roofing tiles.  They have a rounded Mediterranean look, and were very easy to install.  I ended up going back and purchased extra tiles to use next spring when I intend to build a covered prep area.
roofing tiles

Winter Pizza

The pizza oven has been sitting dormant since end of September.  We’ve only had one really good snowfall so far this winter, and it’s been incredibly mild so far.
Tracey was feeling exhausted with the frequency of having people over since I completed construction of the oven, but I figured we were past due for some wood-fired oven pizza, so this past weekend I fired it up just for us 🙂   Used 4 good sized pieces of split birch to start things off, and added just a couple more pieces of birch and along with a couple small branches of seasoned applewood, and in less than an hour, the oven floor was approaching 700*F.  The first couple pizzas were finished cooking in under 2 minutes!

The toppings on tonight’s pizzas were:

The pizza dough was also from the Italian Centre Shop – it’s inexpensive and so convenient!

  Crazy as it may sound, I’m actually looking forward to trying the oven out when it gets really cold out, like -20*C or colder 🙂

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