Some threads of interest… mods to do or have done


  • Winter Soft Top storage
  • DONE! Grill mod – a metal mesh screen to fill the slots in the front grill, yet still allow ample airflow through to the radiator.  A couple approaches are discussed in the thread – I like the single sheet of perforated stainless steel the best – as it requires no drilling or gluing.
  • DONE! Marker light mod – the light on the front bumpers is merely a running light from the factory – unless you have a European JK.  This is a simple mod – and it’s surprising that the vehicle didn’t come from the factory with it working as a running/signal light already!
  • DONE! Fuel Door Installation – the instructions from Mopar are apparently shiat!  So this photo thread should be a big help…
  • hard-top hoist – this is a pretty slick plan – and a complete materials list – uses a hand crank winch
  • DONE! tailgate shock mod – a great mod to keep the tailgate from swinging closed all the time
  • removing the front factory bumper
  • Installing a winch – and keeping the front factory bumper

Jeep Forum

  • hard-top hoist – another nice plan – some aspects of the JK Forum approach above are executed a bit more cleanly (and without requiring any welding), but this one uses a powered winch instead of a hand crank.

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