Pour-over coffee gear

Hario V60 Drip Decanter
Have been buying fresh roasted beans from Rogue Wave Coffee for the past few weeks, and just before Christmas, I tried a cup of coffee prepared using their pour-over technique – very tasty!
So, being the both feet kinda guy that I am, a few days later I’m on Amazon.ca, ordering some stuff:

  • a Hario V60 Drip decanter,
  • a Hario pour-over kettle and
  • a package of filters

A couple days later I have the goods, and I’m weighing out beans, and adjusting my La Cimbali Jr. grinder that I had set really fine for espresso’s.  The one downside with this grinder is that you need to spin the adjustment a lot of times switch between a fine espresso grind and the coarser grind necessary for pour overs.  My grinder setting was at 3.5 – I ended up with a setting of 15 that I find pretty good.

When pouring, I was previously using a Starfrit scale my daughter bought. It’s great for measuring the beans, but kept shutting off when I was doing the pour – and there is no way to disable that function. It was a bit annoying, so off to Google land, in search of a more suitable scale.
I ended up ordering a scale from 49thcoffee.com (49th Parallel) – the Brewista Smart Scale.  With this scale, you can set the auto shut-off to 60, 120, or 180 seconds, or you can disable it.  It has a built in timer, and has 6 different modes, 4 for espresso, and 2 for manual pour.
The Brewista also has a special coating that makes it water resistant – you can even wash it off under running water without destroying it!

Right now I’m just using the 6th mode, all manual – I need to read up more on the automatic taring and timer modes – I tried the 5th mode, and found that the auto taring seemed out of place with the pour-over technique I’ve been doing.  Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong – but the coffee is good!

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  1. The Hario Buono kettle arrived today, and it works fantastic on our induction stove. The control of the pour is excellent, and I must say I’m pretty pleased!

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