My 10 Step Pour-over Routine

Well, after having made a dozen coffees over the past few days (only 3 using the new Brewista scale), I’m starting to get into a 10 Step routine – which is a good thing for good, consistent coffee.
Thermos Travel MugBefore getting started, I placed my empty thermos mug on my scale, then tare (zero’d) it.  I added water to the fill mark of the mug, and determined that my [amazon text=16oz thermos mug&asin=B002PY7AYS] holds 470 grams of water.  (BTW, this is an awesome thermos – I’ve made coffee and forgotten the thermos at home – and returned home 7-8 hours later to a mug of coffee that is still hot! Additionally, you can fill it up, close the lid, and turn the mug upside down without a single drop leaking out! It also fits perfectly into the cup holders of my Jeep.)
Step 1
Fill up the kettle – about 2 inches from the top.  Put on induction stove, Boost mode.
Step 2
Get out scale, place small cup on it, and tare the scale.  Measure out 28 grams of beans.
Step 3
Pour beans into grinder (set to 15), and start grinder. This takes about 10 seconds, and then empty doser back into the cup.
Step 4
Place filter into filter holder of carafe.  Water is usually boiling by now.  Pour a little water around the filter to rinse, then empty carafe.
Step 5
Place carafe onto scale, and tare it.  Pour coffee grounds into filter, confirming 28 grams, the tare the scale again.
Step 6
Pour about 50 grams of water onto grounds, to thoroughly wet them. Start timer.
Step 7
After 30 seconds, add an additional 150 grams of water.  Around the 1’30” to 1’45” mark, I add an additional 150 grams of water.  At 2’30” – 2’45”, I add additional water so that the scale reads around 470 grams.
Step 8
I then lift the entire carafe and give it a gentle but firm tap onto the counter – to settle the grounds.  The idea is to have a level bed of coffee, and have the water pour through evenly across the entire bed.  I let the drip continue until it has finished – which is right around the 4′ mark. While waiting for the final drip, I pour the remainder of the water from the kettle into my thermos mug.
Step 9
Once the final drip completes, I remove the filter holder, and put the used filter and grounds into the garbage (perhaps into compost in the spring). I then empty the hot water from my thermos mug, and then pour the freshly brewed coffee into my hot mug.
Step 10
Rinse out the carafe and filter holder with very hot tap water, set aside to dry, and enjoy my fresh cup of coffee 🙂