Winter wheeling!

What a great day out at the Alberta Safari Park !
Incredible weather, and was great fun discovering what my Rubicon can do…. I definitely chickened out on a few spots – the hill to the left for example (Widow’s Hill)…but hell, I don’t have 4000K on this thing yet!
I learnt quite a bit – finally had the Jeep in 4-Lo, locked front and rear, and sway bar disconnected – and about using reverse when you don’t make it to the top of a hill – instead of neutral and brakes ;^) (thanks Steve!).
Also learnt how effective using 2nd can be when trying to get up some of the hills. The only downside I experienced today was the damn batteries to my digital camera dying on me prematurely. Shan managed to get a number of shots while we were on the early trails, I might have gotten a couple more shots – and then the battery died – even after swapping in a battery that I charged up last night… oh well – next time!
( Thanks to Snow Dog Marc for these photos! )
One thing that this run has done, is change my thoughts a little on the accessories that I want for the Jeep.  I think that a winch will be a sooner rather than later acquisition – hopefully with a new front bumper, and lose the factory plastic one… Still have to keep the safari cage rack on the list in the short term though – as I think that this is going to be important for fishing this spring!