More winter wheeling!

The Jeep is packed, the rear tow hook on – all set for the morning. We’re off to a spot an hour or so west of the city, near the town of Darwell. I have the video camera ready, as well as the digital camera. Hopefully can get the wife and kids moving early enough!
[UPDATE]  Well, what a blast again!
And Tracey and the kids enjoyed themselves as well! Got a few cheers from them as we made our way up a few hills, and also a few screams, as the back end slid to the side on the way up one hill in particular.  They weren’t too comfortable with the angle we were sitting at :^)
Had to get tugged out in a couple spots – but we also got to do some tugging to help others as well – which made it all the more fun!  At the end of the day there were a few scratches – looks like they’re limited to the mirrors and the hard top though – so all is good!  Can’t wait to get out again!