Warranty is over – upgrade time?

I’ve had my Jeep for a few years now, and this year the warranty expires – so I think that a lift is in my Jeeps future ;^)
Ever since getting it, I’ve always felt that the suspension sounded noisy – and thought that might have just been ‘a Jeep thing’ – but suspect now that an aftermarket lift will resolve that. I’ve also been gradually wearing the front bumper away – well, trimming/cutting it back as trail damage gradually does its thing.
I really like the aluminum bumpers that Genright now has out for the JK – although I wish they had provisions for the factory fog lights. Still need to get around to upgrade the main headlights – the headlights are not great from the factory – sometimes they seem downright dim. On the JK Forums, there’s an upgrade path that seems very popular among many of the forum members by Daniel Stern – and IPF also has an upgrade kit available. A couple people around here have gone the LED route, although that seems a little too pricey for me at this time – we’ll see – they are coming down ;).  For the time being, I’ve simply replaced the factory H13 bulbs with Silverstars.  Wish I could find Silverstar Ultra’s in an H13 bulb. My list ;^)
* new wheels  (DONE! Bought a set of Pro-Comp steel wheels)
* 35″ tires (Ended up buying a set of lightly used BFG M/T KM’s – price was too good to pass up)
* bedline plastic grill
* bumper (There’s a Genright bumper, and a Poison Spyder one that I like)
* on board air
* wire in CB and VHF
* 3.5″ to 4.5″ lift – not sure what brand yet