Jeep mods wishlist

Rock sliders
Shrockworks rock sliders
Flat fenders
Jury is still out on exactly what route to go – there are pro’s and con’s to steel tube fenders, as well as to the plastic/composite models. I liked the fender style on the Liberty Renegade we had, and Bushwacker makes something similar, but they are just to big, and too brittle.  Have seen a number of people on the trails with them, only to bust them up in the brush.
A Warn power plant might be more than I need, but the air compressor interests me – particularly for inflating the pontoons on my Skykomish Sunrise pontoon boat. I do have a cheapie pump that runs off a cigarette lighter or rechargeable batteries that works well for my pontoon boat – but it definitely won’t inflate 4 x 32″ tires after a day on the trails.
I ended up buying a Kodiak winch from The Gear Center on 50th street.  It works well. and was a fraction of the cost of a comparable Warn product.  However, after a dozen or so pulls, and a  couple really tough ones, the frame of the winch twisted and cracked the case.  Still works, but I’m not sure that I can rely on it 100% anymore.  The cable on it is also kinked, so I’ve removed it, and now I’m trying to decide between steel cable or synthetic.
Cage netting
I like the looks of netting – and it comes in handy when  getting into some crazy inclines 🙂
Was starting to research this and came across an awesome thread at   When I was first looking at getting a Jeep, my favourites were the FabFour, and the Durango.   The AEV one is sure nice too – but ouch! it’s over $1200 (US).  
Durango FabFour LOD AEV 
One thing about the JK Wrangler, is the headlights suck.  Plain and simple.  I ended up replacing the bulbs with some Silverstar Ultras – which do improve things a little.  The LED replacements are coming down in price – so who knows.
Cargo Rack
There are a few choices for the Wrangler Unlimited – and they seem fairly similar, but there are some obvious, and some not so obvious differences.  Here are the different racks that I’ve found so far (in no particular order):
KargoMaster – A couple products are needed from KargoMaster, depending on how you want to use your roof rack.  Most people probably want to be able to use the rack regardless of whether the hard or soft top was on or off, which requires KargoMasters Congo Rack, and their Safari rack.  The Congo rack is the base, and it will also work with other carriers from companies like Thule.

Gobi Racks – The Gobi racks look like a very well built system – one of the unique features in their Stealth rack is the open space above the front seats – leaving you with unobstructed open air if you’re running with the tops off.  Downside I would think is more limited cargo space.
Garvin Industries – These were the first racks that I found for the Wrangler Unlimited.  They do look good. Garvin also makes a number of accessories for their racks, including hi-lift and axe mounts, gas can brackets, spare tire mounts, as well as mounts for various others pieces of sports equipment.

Wild Boar – the Wild Boar rack offers a lot of versatility.  Some of the accessories are pretty slick – like the tent, and canopy options.