Gone to the dark side ;)

My old workstation finally gave up the ghost – after almost 6 years of service.  A friend loaned me a machine to use for a while until I got around to getting a new system.
I’ve used every version of Windows since 3.1 – and after working on my in-laws new laptop with Windows 8, I decided that Windows 7 would be the last version of Windows that i would own.  I’ve used a few different distress of Linux, but for the new computer I decided to buy a Mac.  A 27″ iMac. Having never spent any amount of time on a Mac, it should be interesting getting used to!

One thought on “Gone to the dark side ;)

  1. Well, after having the iMac for a couple weeks, I like it overall. One annoyance however – I think that Apple could have done a better job with the location of the USB & Thunderbolt ports. They are awkward to use – so I’m currently shopping for an external hub – something that can charge our family’s iPhone’s & iPad’s as well.

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