A Tequila Cocktail

bitters_orangeGBAbottle_reposadoSince an anniversary dinner a few weeks ago at Woodwork (awesome dinner, and spectacular cocktails with my fabulous wife – 27 years together!), I’ve become very interested in cocktails that use bitters.  Never had one until this dinner, and I found them to be very intriguing – and surprised how they can impact the flavour of a drink.
This evening I was ‘experimenting’ 🙂
I took a slice of lime, about 1/2″ thick, quartered it, then tossed it into a highball glass.
Added a raw brown sugar cube, and then added a couple dashes of Fee Brothers Orange Bitters onto the sugar cube.  Added a splash of Lime Perrier soda water, then muddled to cruh and dissolve the sugar cube and release the lime juice.
brown-sugar-cubesPerrier_Lime_33clCanAdded 2 oz. El Jimador tequila, then added some ice cubes to fill the glass, and then more soda water, and a gentle stir.
Very tasty !!!lime_quartered