Denison Barbs in the Aquarium

I’ve seen these fish a few times, and really like their colour, schooling behaviour, and overall activity. Tried making a deal at Big Al’s a couple weeks ago, but they wouldn’t sell them to me. Yesterday they had a sale, 25% off all fish, so I went in to see if they had any left, and I was in luck.

They look awesome in the tank, and it seems the other fish have altered their behaviour a little – the school of Black Tetra’s are out in the open more, swimming along with the Denison barbs, even though they’re 1/3 their size. We have a school of Siamese Algae Eaters that tend to be a little shy until feeding time, but they are out a lot more, swimming along with their new tank mates.
The new fish may grow as large as 6″, currently, they’re around 2.5″ to 3″.
There are a number of names they go by, Indian Flasher Barbs, Roseline Sharks, or Denison’s Barb. The scientific name is Sahyadria denisonii.